When was the last time you felt blissfully, joyfully, wild?

Let’s play a game. Imagine being out in nature. You close your eyes and breathe deep. You can hear the birds chirping, and water flowing nearby. You can feel the gentle breeze and the warm rays of golden sunshine on your skin. You smile and make your way to the water, feeling the warm grass tickle your bare feet. You reach the water, and maybe you just dip in a toe, or maybe you splash through it with wild abandon. Either way, you feel joyful. Wild. Radiant. At peace.

You proceed to laugh, and play. You dance in the waters, or just on the land. You breathe deep the wild air. You twirl around like a kid until you are dizzy, but joyful, and laughing. You throw flowers into the air and smile softly as they rain down around you. Maybe you float serenely in the water, letting the ripples carry away your worries and leave you refreshed; or maybe you actively dive in, splashing and playing with the waves that you create, feeling your heart pound and letting the water fly, and letting it reinvigorate you. The flower crown you wove and now wear on your head is crooked, and by the end of it all your simple dress is muddy, grassy, or just wet. But you are smiling; sparkling; completely bubbling over with light hearted fun.  

This is what we will capture in your Wild Joy Portrait session. The effervescent light, laughter, and just plain fun of wild joy. Let go of your fears, your to-dos, your roles, your stresses and worries, and just be. Just play. Dance. Laugh for the sake of laughter. I will capture your wild joy in photos, to always bring you back to the memory, the feeling, the place within you and outside of you that contains that wild, radiant, beautiful joy.

Choose Joy. Join me.

Wild Joy Portraits are currently available in limited sessions. I am currently booking sessions for July 2019, in Indianapolis.

What to expect:

  • Do your hair and makeup how you feel most comfortable and most beautiful. If you need help with this, say something and we will help you!

  • I have pre-made flower crowns, silk fans, old cameras, and other fun things to play with, if you like. We can be as natural or as fantastic with these photos as we like, and your session is entirely up to you how elaborate you want to be. You also have the option to make your flower crown first, which I can help you with. Let me know in advance if you’d like to make your crown from fresh flowers.

  • Wear your favorite dress. No, really. Simple is always classic and good, but whatever you FEEL the best in, you will look the best, because you will relax into the fun of it. I will also have a treasure trove of dresses that you are welcome to pick through and try on. Just consider this session like playing dress up as a kid- we’re here to have fun.

  • We will start off with a few posed portraits, partly to ease into the wild part, and partly to ensure you go home with beautiful portraits. Then we will spend about 40 minutes just playing around with whatever you like. Laughing, dancing, splashing, spinning, and yes, I absolutely *will* tell the corniest dad jokes I can. You can pretend to be a pirate, a pixie, a mermaid, a princess, or a dragon if you like. It’s your play-day. This is where the wild things are. Be wild, girlfriend. That’s where you find the joy.

  • We will end with a few other lightly posed portraits….so you can see the before and after, and how much more joyful you are *after* you play around in the wild.  

  • You will get a complimentary archival 8x10 print of your favorite photo from the session, with the option to order more prints and/or a small book.

  • Your favorite shot will be edited and to you within the week; please allow up to three weeks for final galleries.

Investment: $400

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