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What have you been dreaming of lately?

At Lusicovi Creative, I have been dreaming of balance. Longing for a single physical notebook to keep track of my entire life. I dreamed of a notebook that I WANTED to have with me everywhere, with illustrated pages and creative prompts that I would actually use.

If you’re like me, you have been longing to find balance, maybe even aching for it. You’ve been dreaming of a beautiful bound book to write your dreams, daily to-dos, important dates, things to remember, and even your budget. You need one place to keep track of your life because, lets face it, there is A LOT to keep track of these days, and having 6 notebooks and trackers for different things is just even more confusing.

And if you’re like me, you don’t want it to be boring. In fact you need it to be a beautiful , inspirational notebook. Something that keeps you on track, but which you love to have with you at all times (since really you’re gonna need it with you at all times). And while we’re at it, wouldn’t it be nice if the same beautiful planner had creative prompts to encourage you to bring more creativity and wonder into your regular routine?

Sound perfect?

Welcome to

the Starlight Journal, an Illustrated Bullet Journal for Organization + Inspiration. 

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All of our world is made of the dust of ancient stars, so it’s no wonder that we humans have always looked to the stars to guide us home. Like the stars, the Starlight Journal is meant to act as both a guiding light and a source of grand inspiration. 

The Starlight Journal is a place to find enchantment, a place to wander among pages of stars, beauty, and light until you find the magic you are looking for. It is for the curious, the adventurous, the thinkers, dreamers, and magic makers. It is for the hustlers who want the balance of getting things done without losing sight of the stars.

Welcome to the Starlight Journal. May you find some enchanting wonder among these pages and leave feeling more focused and alight.


The Starlight Journal is LIVE now at an extra special discounted price for the first 150 orders. The journals will be here and available at full retail price in November. PRE ORDER Your Copy Now!

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a lush matte art hardcover, 

gilded edge pages,

two built in bookmarks,

70lb matte art paper,

150 Bullet journal grid pages,

and of course 100 pages of my original artwork and creative prompts,

this beautiful all purpose journal is a place to explore, dream, doodle, and create.

 It can be the tool to organize your life and your goals while still exploring your dreams and reaching for the stars;

a place to turn your dreams into tangible reality.




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as an extra bonus, anyone who pre-orders will get a signed copy. 

Please indicate with your shipping choice if you will be picking your copy up at the launch party in indianapolis in november, or if you would like it shipped to you.



the Starlight Journal: An Illustrated Bullet Journal for Organization + Inspiration
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launch party poster 13x19 2.jpg

I have worked hard for years to design, illustrate, and produce this illustrated journal. Finally it has arrived, and so we are going to celebrate! We highly recommend pre-ordering your copy of the journal! We will have some available at the event, but not a large surplus. Get your orders in early to pick them up AT the party! 

The launch party will feature:

-Starlight themed hors de ouvres and drinks

-a costume contest (dress like Starlight! the best costume will win some awesome prizes!)

-elegant and glittering decor

-a galaxy photobooth

-a telescope and "observation deck" for star gazing (weather permitting)

-led hula hoop dancers

-tarot readings

-a "starlight market" featuring starlight themed art and artisan goods from independent/small/local businesses

-activities and crafts from the journal's creatives prompts

- treasure hunt

-Q& A with Elise

-and tons of other fun!

Tickets are free, but we urge you to please RSVP to give us an accurate count of who is coming to celebrate with us! And invite your friends!

Pre-ordering the book (above) is also highly encouraged. Pre ordered copies will be signed by the artist! Can’t wait to see you there and celebrate!