The Starlight Collective is a community designed to balance the energies of the divine feminine and the divine masculine. We do this by using our schedules (masculine) to create time for connection, creativity, flow, emotion, nature, and our souls (feminine).


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The Starlight Collective is the natural extension of everything that I built into the Starlight Journal. The Starlight Collective is a community of like minded, adventurous, daring, creative boss babes. It is for the dreamers, the doers, and the creative world changers who want to balance inspiration with organization. Beauty with business. Creative chaos with productive order. It is for women who want to get shit done without losing sight of the stars.

The Starlight Journal is one tool to help us get there. The second, possibly more powerful tool, is the Starlight Collective. Because above all else, the Starlight Collective is a community.

The mission of the Starlight Collective is

  • To gather together OFF of Facebook

  • to connect with other dreamers and doers on a soul level

  • to network with other boss babes so that we can all rise together

  • and to tune back into creativity, self, and wellness.

  • To focus on elevating the Divine feminine through sacred creativity and self care.

Wellness community
Wellness community

how it works

The Starlight Collective exists on a secret, password protected page of my website. Once you join the Collective, you will get an email with the password and instructions. Once you are on the list, you will get a weekly wrap up email with links to that week’s prompts and discussion posts. You may also access the site every day if you like. I recommend bookmarking it! ;)

Every month will include:

1 Journal prompt

1 Art prompt*

1 Creative Writing prompt

1 Wellness/Nature prompt

*The second Monday of every month, we will also have a group Zoom Call, where we gather together to chat, Q&A, and most importantly, to work on that day’s Art Prompt together!

Wellness community

So many women talk about how they want to be more creative, or write more, or spend more time in self reflection/improvement, or on their health, but we are all just too busy. This is the chance you’ve been looking for to schedule in community based time to actually focus on those things that you want to do but can never find the time for. The scheduling, in fact, is mostly done for you. You just have to show up, connect, and participate.

The divine feminine is chaotic creativity. It is the kairos of Greek time, as opposed to the chronos, which is chronological, ordered, measured time. The divine feminine is beauty, love, reflection, nature, and art. It is the wild, terrifying, beautiful unknown. And it is important. Sacred, actually. We have to make room for it.

The divine masculine is also important. Equally sacred. Too much chaos is just as bad as too much order. The divine masculine is order, protection, boundaries, schedules, efficiency, and production. It is getting down to business, and getting things done. It is the timetables that make trains and airplanes run, the computer code that powers our technology, our budgets, our business plans, and the walls of ancient cities, built to keep us safe from the terrors of untamed nature and creatures in the night.

And here’s the thing. We need them both. Every one of us. Too much order makes us rigid, unmovable, tyrannical. And too much chaos means we can’t find anything when we need it, and nothing that’s necessary gets done. Too much chaos is no structure, no priorities, and way too many unnecessary things to do. Too much chaos will drown you.

So, like most things, it’s about the balance. The divine masculine and the divine feminine balance each other out, and that is why we each need them both. And in a society where SO MUCH pressure and value is put on only the masculine side of things, it’s time to tip the scales back to center.

It’s time to make room in our lives for creativity, for beauty, for the emotional connections formed in communities, for nature.

So how do we do that?

By literally making time in our schedules.

We use the chronos to invite the kairos back in. We use our schedules to carve out time to be creative, together, artistic, and well. The Starlight Collective is here to help you do that.

Wellness community

The first thing you get when you join is a downloadable PDF of the first few pages of the Starlight Journal, which walks you through how to figure out what your priorities in life are, what creative beautiful things you like best, and how to work them into your schedule. Plus you’ll also get exclusive Collective access to a brand new video where I talk more about everything that is in that PDF guide!

After that, the Collective is here every week to be your community, your space to explore, your space to be yourself, to connect to yourself, nature, and others, and to create. Not for the sake of having a beautiful painting at the end (that’s just a bonus some times), but to create for the sake of the act of creation itself. We will literally schedule in time to play creatively. That’s what these prompts are all about. It’s not about having another to do list item. It’s about making sure that at a minimum, once a month you are checking in with your soul, your community, your divine femininity, your creativity, mother nature, and your health.

Are you ready to find balance? To dream, play, create, and connect?

Wellness community

The details

The Starlight Collective Includes:

  • Access to the secret page and weekly prompts: 1 Journal, 1 Art, 1 Creative Writing, and 1 Nature/Wellness prompt per month, plus bonus related tid bits and a chance to share anything you discover with the group.

  • Monthly Group Zoom Call: We chat, we Q&A, we go through/work on that month’s art prompt together. We connect. We cultivate our community.

  • FREE copy of the Starlight Journal Intro Pages to work through on your own. They teach you how to envision your dream life, and then work you through how to schedule your dream into real life now. Make your dreams a reality. 

  • Access to a Video of me walking you through the FREE Starlight Journal Intro Pages for a deeper dive + more guidance

  • PDF download of my custom designed calendar pages for bullet journals

  • Access to a Video of me explaining how I use the Starlight Journal/calendar pages/bullet journals to balance creativity and organization + build my dreams

  • Opportunity to network and connect with other heart centered entrepreneurs and creatives. 

  • Opportunity to be featured on my blog and in my email newsletter, and to promote your book, business, product, service, etc in a non spammy way.

  • 10%  Collective Exclusive Discount on all items in my online shop  


Starting January of 2020, the Starlight Collective will be a paid group, with a handful of pricing options, including an option with a gift subscription of related and inspiring goodies.


Wellness community