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"A book is proof that humans are capable of working magic."

-Carl Sagan

Dear Creative Storyteller,

Or should I say, "Dear Magic Maker?" Because yes, that's you. At Lusicovi Creative, I believe that stories are pure magic. I know they say not to judge a book by its cover, but we all know that an especially magical book cover can reach out from the shelf and grab us, and then you are hooked.

Well, my dear magic maker, I am also a magic maker, constantly inspired by stories, and I am here to work with you to create an enchanting cover that encapsulates your story and makes it truly magical.

 I believe that both fantasy art and fantasy writing are incredibly important, because they allow us to explore very real problems in a safe space. Voldemort does not exist, but Hitler did. Evil Queens and step mothers don't (usually) exist, but surly bosses and prickly landlords do. And as CS Lewis once said, "Since it is so likely that they will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage." 

Above all, I believe in the value of art to inspire, connect, and challenge us, children and adults alike.

This is the power, the magic, of stories. And the perfect enchanting cover is exactly the visual wrapping your story needs. I run my business as a boutique studio, which means that I am here to help you every step of the way, from the brainstorming, to any photoshoots we need, to printing, displaying and sharing the artwork and designs we create together, I want to capture your magic, your story, in a wonderful and creative way so that you can preserve it forever and share it with the world. 



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chapter one

Send me your story! You can send me a message here, or send an email to lusicovicreative@gmail.com. Gush about your story. Seriously, tell me whatever you want me to know about the outline, the writing process, your favorite chapter, anything. I am a ravenous book lover and I will eat it up. In your message you should also include a rough timeline for the book cover project, as well as a rough budgeted amount, and any visual ideas you have compiled or saved (this one is not necessary, but if you have them, might as well send them along!) 

Chapter Two

We will set up a Skype call (or in person meeting if possible) where we can get to know each other a little better, and make sure we are both on the same page about the project. Expect a bit of brainstorming and lots of laughter and excitement!

Chapter Three

I will create a contract and send it over for you to sign. The non refundable deposit (25% of the total) will also be due at this time, and you will send me any applicable printing parameters from your selected printer. 

Chapter Four

I will work on some sketches/brainstorm specific visuals and design, and submit to you for review. You will review and amend anything you like. We can only do this up to three times though. 

Chapter Five

Once we decide on the final design, I will create the artwork, and then the final design.

Chapter Six

You will have one revision of the final design, and then I will send you the final files! Huzzah! Now you have an epic magical book cover. If applicable, I will now create any extra marketing pieces included in the project and send them along. Final payment will be due at this time.


SO tell me, storyteller, WHAT MAGIC DO YOU WANT TO CREATE?

We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.
— JK Rowling
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the classic package

-One hour consultation call or meeting 

-One fully custom designed book cover spread (for either hardcover or paperback)

-Stock images and artwork used in design

(either from stock photo websites or my own personal stock)

-Timeframe of three days to two weeks, depending on timeliness of client responses

Investment: $500


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 The epic package

-One hour initial consultation call or meeting 

-Fully custom designed book cover spread for hardcover, paperback, and ebook

-Custom created images and artwork specifically for your designs

(may include any/all of: product shoot, fantasy portrait shoot, watercolor paintings, or underwater photography)

-Timeframe of two to four weeks, depending on timeliness of responses from client

-interior design for all of hardcover, paperback, and ebook

-corresponding posters designed and printed (10ct)

-corresponding bookmarks designed and printed (250 ct) 

-5 extra social media graphics designed and files included

Investment: $2000*

*Payment plans are available. Send me a message for details.

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Optional Package Add Ons

Book Interior Design………………$200 per format (ebook, hardcover, or paperback)

Additional Interior Custom Artwork………………………………..……………………………..……$300

T-shirts, Mugs, Totes, Leggings, Phone cases, and other swag designed using

cover or interior artwork elements…………………..…...$50 per design + cost to print

Consultation/Help uploading and printing through IngramSpark…………..$50/hour

Author Headshots……………………………………………………………………………………………….$100

Branded photoshoot of books and other swag products………………………………..$300

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"and he sailed off through night and day

and in and out of weeks, and almost over a year

to where the wild things are..."

-Maurice Sendak 

I believe that the wild things, the daring stories, are the most magical, the most authentic, the most connected. The boldest dreams are the bravest ones, and that is what makes them the most enchanting.

So tell me, dear creative storyteller, what sort of magic do you want to create?

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