Welcome to the Starlight Collective! If you aren’t able to watch the video above, here is what it says, plus some extra details at the end: 

Hello and Welcome!  

I’m Elise: Enchantment Artist, Book Designer, Creator of the Starlight Journal, and now, the creator of the Starlight Collective. 

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I designed the Starlight Journal as an illustrated bullet journal specifically to balance creativity and inspiration with productivity and organization. To do that, I included 150 bullet journal pages, which are blank, so that you can use them however you need: to track, to schedule, to plan, to organize your life however you need to organize it. I also included 100 pages of inspiring artwork and creativity prompts, which are scattered throughout the book, so that they interrupt those productivity pages, specifically to remind you to always stay inspired and enchanted. 

When I was designing this journal, I wound up with an endless supply of creativity prompt ideas. Everything from introspective journal prompts for self discovery and self care, to drawing challenges to improve your line work, to painting exercises, to creative writing prompts, and everything in between. And only about a quarter of them actually wound up in the Starlight Journal, because there simply wasn’t enough space for everything. 

So, I have decided to share all of those extra prompts with my creative supporters and followers, and to do so, I have created the Starlight Collective. 

In the Collective, we will come together as a community, outside of the cluttered chaos of Facebook, and really schedule in time to be reflective, to gather together, to really connect with one another on a meaningful level, and most importantly to have fun and just let things flow. 

The Starlight Collective began as a mostly natural progression from the Starlight Journal, which began simply because I personally needed to find more balance. But what I did not expect when I first had the idea, was how much the Collective is actually a collection of virtually ALL of the things that I hold most sacred.  

The Starlight Journal and the calendar pages that I designed to go with it (more on that at the bottom) did a pretty good job of encapsulating everything that I believe is crucial about balancing the divine masculine and divine feminine to create space for sacred wonder to blossom. And thus, the Starlight Collective is in many ways a continuation of that. But there is one extra thing that the Collective has that no book ever could: it is a community. Of soulful people coming together in a continual journey (an adventure, if you will) to explore art, stories, writing, wellness, and connection (to ourselves, to each other, to nature, and to creativity). It will bring together artists, writers, and other creatives (read: humans). It will inherently provide space for us all to learn and grow together. Because that is what community is. And over and over, through many varied and random conversations that I’ve had these past few years, about politics, about society, about social media, about philosophy, about what it means to be human in this world, and how on earth we navigate through all the fear and negativity and downright doom, every single time the conversation lands on: the best solution is community. Actual community. Real connections between human beings. It is sacred. And it’s time to create it in a profound way once again.

If you’re feeling the pull of this connection too, join us now. There’s no obligation. It’s completely free. You don’t even need to create another account (or log in to Facebook and be inundated with notifications). You’ll meet a whole collection of interesting, amazing, inspiring people just like you. We will get to connect on a deeper level: making art together, chatting, sharing triumphs, struggles, and so much laughter. 


The very first Collective Prompt will go out on Monday, September 9th. But you want to join now, a bit early, because you will have immediate access to two free PDF downloads that will enhance your Collective experience if you go through them first. And as an extra bonus, I’ve recorded videos of me walking you through each of the PDFs and explaining exactly how you can use them just like I do- first to dream big, and then to break those dreams down into manageable actions every week that will transform them from overwhelming ideas to reality.

I’m so glad you’re here, and I can’t wait to get started and share all of this creative goodness (and creative journey) with you! 

A couple of important things to note:

-The Starlight Collective is a completely FREE community from Sept 2019- December 2019. Starting January of 2020, it will be a paid membership group, and eventually there will be a physical gifts membership tier. 

-The Starlight Collective is a community, but it is not a Facebook group. 

-When you join the Starlight Collective, you will receive a weekly prompt from me, posted on the secret Starlight Collective page of my website, with a roundup email at the end of the week. Prompts over the course of the month will include: one journal prompt, one art activity prompt, one creative writing prompt, and one nature and/or wellness related prompt. These are the same sort of prompts that can be found in the Starlight Journal, but even more of them, and even more structured. 

-You do not need the Starlight Journal to join the Collective. Any old journal (or even scrap paper) will do! Although if you do need a new bullet journal, I obviously recommend the Starlight Journal and the upcoming Create Journal! ;)  

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-Collective members will have the opportunity to network with other members, to promote (on specific posts only) their own businesses or services, and hopefully to collaborate with one another. 

-Collective membership also includes access to a private monthly group video conference call, where we will gather together to connect and make time in our schedules for creative play. 

-The Starlight Collective also includes two free Starlight Journal related PDF downloads and a video of me walking you through each one! Together they will help you dream, create, and ultimately balance creativity with productivity to make your dreams a reality. 


See you on the inside!