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Well, my friends, it’s finally here. The Starlight Journal pre-order launch! And the extra exciting news is that the first 150 copies are listed at an extra special discounted pre-order price, AND all pre-ordered copies will be signed!  Plus, if you order more than one copy, you can take an additional $5 off per copy. 

Some of you may be asking “so, what is the Starlight Journal exactly?” And so here it is:

The Starlight Journal is an illustrated bullet journal. If you’re not familiar with bullet journaling, check out these three resources:

-A quick guide:

-A longer look:

-A video tour:

DSC_5319 sm.jpg

(and stay tuned for my own versions of each of those three things!)


But a quick explanation is that a bullet journal is a book of pages that are blank except for a faint grid of dots. The purpose is to be versatile. So, you could use a bullet journal as a planner and connect the dots to draw your own grids in for budgeting, meal planning, fitness tracking, a calendar, a marketing plan, etc. Or you could connect the dots to just make lined journal pages and journal, take notes, work on your novel, keep a to do list or grocery list, etc. You can also ignore the dots entirely and just sketch, doodle, brain map, etc. Or use the dots for specific design elements or 3D planning. Really the options are limited only by your own imagination! And for a journal about exploration AND productivity, that versatility in the format was key!



The Starlight Journal is designed with 150 of these gridded bullet journal pages, plus 100 pages of full color illustration and creativity prompts.



I’ll save the in depth explanation of how I created and designed it for a later date, but what you should know is that I’ve worked for years to bring you this one beautiful, soulful, useful tool to balance and guide your life. It is meant for balancing the seemingly impossible task of keeping track of your life, with still making time for the important creative things like beauty, play, and the things your soul craves.

I created it for myself and for other creatives. It is for the dreamers, the thinkers, and the hustlers. It is for the curious, the adventurous, the people who want to get shit done without losing sight of the stars.

DSC_5329 sm.jpg


All of our world is made of the dust of ancient stars, so is it any wonder that we humans have always looked to the stars to guide us home?

Like the stars, the Starlight Journal is both a guiding light and a source of grand inspiration.


Featuring a lush matte art hardcover, gilded edge pages, two built in bookmarks, 70lb matte art paper, 150 pages of bullet journal grids, and of course 100 pages of my original artwork and creative prompts, this beautiful all purpose journal is a place to explore, dream, doodle, and create.


It is a place of wonder; a place to find enchantment. It can be the tool to organize your life and your goals while still exploring your dreams and reaching for the stars; a place to turn your dreams into tangible reality. So, dear creative, what have you been dreaming of lately?

DSC_5296 sm.jpg





Pre-orders are live as of NOW, and the copies will arrive in early November. We have a glittery launch party in the works, which I am SUPER excited about as well! (Think Harry Potter midnight book release parties!) It will take place in Indianapolis in early November, and I will share ALL the details very soon! (We are still nailing them down.)  So stay tuned! You will be able to pick up your pre ordered copy or copies at the launch party though, if you can make it!





Click here to get your pre-order copy now! (And remember, only the first 150 copies are at the special pre-order discounted price.)


Welcome to the Starlight Journal.

May you find some enchanting wonder among these pages, and leave feeling more inspired and alight.

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