“Journey” is the word I would use to describe my career as a photographer and artist. One step at a time, through a rather winding and often discouraging path, this career of mine has been a journey. It’s one that I’ve fought for, struggling to both make ends meet, and fulfill my creative inspirations, and ultimately striving always to bring those two ends closer together.

My dream is to be a full time fine artist, specifically an underwater photographer and storyteller. Stories come unbidden into my mind, fully formed as images, and the process to birth them into final pieces is always an exhilarating and exciting labor of love. The most exciting work I ever do though, is collaboration with other creatives, other storytellers. For you see, I believe that there is magic on this earth- it is contained in the human spirit, and captured in stories.

Stories are magical because they encourage us in fundamental ways to bravely face down the real monsters in our own lives. I believe that both fantasy art and fantasy writing are incredibly important, because they allow us to explore very real problems in a safe space. Voldemort does not exist, but Hitler did. Evil Queens and step mothers don't (usually) exist, but surly bosses and prickly landlords do. And as CS Lewis once said, "Since it is so likely that they will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage."

I believe in the value of fantasy art and stories especially, but actually I believe that all art is divine--it is literally an act of creation; the energy of the divine feminine. The proper artist walks on the edge of the unknown, journeys beyond the current limits of imagination, and, without really knowing what or why or even always exactly how, she returns with fundamental truths and creates something of out her experience--an image, a poem, a film, a dance, a story--which can then inspire, encourage, and empower herself and also the world.

Not only does the artist participate in a profound creative act, but anyone who gazes upon her creation also participates in that same act by witnessing it. Viewing art is as important as making it. Engaging with it in a proper and earnest way can change your life, if you let it. This is why we need it.

My mission is not only to tell stories, but to promote this philosophy and advocate for art.

As an artist, underwater photography is the most exhilarating and challenging thing I have ever done. But from cold Indiana, I long for the ocean. Underwater ocean photography is an experience my budget has not permitted… yet. I am actively seeking a residency and/or arts grant that will allow me access to the sea, and provide opportunities to master this medium. Additionally, I am consistently working to increase my skills as a watercolor painter, (prefearbly inspired and surrounded by hues of the ocean).

I cannot say for certain what final artwork I will create for my next large project; I am still working it out. I can say that it will combine underwater photography, watercolor, and the divine feminine. I have some ideas sketched, and am already researching, endeavoring to rediscover the sacred feminine. I believe she has been lost in a centuries long game of historical telephone, and that the world is suffering for it. My hope is that by digging into the past, I can follow this thread wherever it leads and create the artwork that it inspires.

For too long, the divine feminine has been silenced, crushed, and ashamed.

Femininity has been laid low, and the divinity within it forgotten for too long.

No longer.

If there is magic in this world, it is contained in water. Archetypally, women are water. We are divine chaos- the life giving, graceful, strong, flowing, persistent, nourishing force of the world. And it’s time for the waters to rise back up. To claim their rightful place in the world.

In this perfect marriage of subject and medium, I can do more of what I already do: create images that raise the divine feminine back up to its rightful place alongside the divine masculine, and tell a powerful story of harmony and balance. I plan to use that story to inspire and empower the world.

Above all, I believe in the value of art to inspire and challenge us, children and adults alike. I would like to think that my art, by exploring these big ideas about who we are as humans, why we do the things we do, and what amazing magical things we are capable of, will inspire others to re-examine what they think they know about the world and about themselves, and that together we can all learn and grow a little more.

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Thank you sincerely.

Love and light,